How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Australia

How much does carpet cleaning cost in Australia?

Are you thinking of cleaning your soiled carpets, but you are confused about how much it will cost to hire a professional? Is it better to do it yourself or should you hire professional carpet cleaners? Well, here we have all the answers to your question: How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Australia? We have a series of questions that you may be having in your mind regarding carpet cleaning costs and I am here to answer all your questions you can check them below:

How much does it cost to clean 2 rooms of carpet?

If I talk about the cost of 2-room carpet cleaning in Australia it will cost you around $50 to $170 depending on your area and the condition of your carpets.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Of course, the work that can be done by the professionals, you and I cannot do without any knowledge and equipment. If you take the help of professional carpet cleaners, you will get the carpet looking its best, bacteria and smell-free.

How much does it cost to get a 5×7 rug cleaned?

Rug cleaning depends on the size, the bigger the size, the higher the cleaning charges. 5×7 rug cleaning will cost you around $35 – $200 in the year 2023.

What time of year is best for carpet cleaning?

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to get your carpets cleaned in Australia. As the weather is best at this time with less dusty soil, it avoids the problem of drying.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost Australia

Various factors that affect carpet cleaning prices

Who doesn’t love carpets that provide warmth and extra softness under your feet? Carpet cleaning provides you amazing benefits but many people are confused about its price and hence they do not spend on it. Here are some important points that you must first understand. There are many factors that affect the carpet cleaning price which you can see below:

  • Size Of House
  • Area Of Carpet
  • Cleaning Procedure and Cleaning Agent
  • Time Needed For Cleaning

You can check carpet cleaner hourly rates in Australia

You can hire carpet cleaners in Australia in 2 ways. One is for full-time, which means you need to pay them after completing their job and the other on hourly rate means you can pay them per hour. According to the study and data from Payscale ( for the cost of carpet cleaning In Australia, a carpet cleaner makes an average hourly wage of AU$23.90.

Check the average cost of carpet cleaning charged by professionals

average cost of carpet cleaning charged by professionals

So you can hire them according to your requirement, my suggestion for you is that if your cleaning area is not much, then you can hire them at the hourly rate. And if the size of your house is large and the carpet area is also very large, then full-time hiring is the best and most economical option for you.

Professional carpet cleaning cost in different states and cities in Australia

Everyone wants to get the best deal when it comes to carpet cleaning. There are many carpet cleaning companies in your local areas that can offer you the best deals whether your requirement is for residential carpet cleaning or commercial cleaning. Now we make it more simple for you if you are from different states and cities in Australia then how much should you pay for carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Canberra, ACT

First of all, we start from the capital city of Canberra if you live in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Canberra and you are planning for carpet cleaning then the cost for carpet cleaning in Canberra would at least start from $25 to $79 for a single room. $50 to $150 for 3 rooms, and $75 to $225 for 4 rooms.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Sydney, NSW

Now if we talk about New South Wales Sydney (NSW) then let me tell you here for carpet cleaning you have to pay $0.25 per square foot or $80-$200.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Melbourne, VIC

Compared to Sydney here in Victoria Melbourne, the cost of carpet cleaning would be a little bit cheaper. Approximately here you will have to pay $70-$180 for cleaning the carpets of your standard size room.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Brisbane, QLD

In order to answer your question How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Australia? You will also know how much carpet cleaning costs in Brisbane, Queensland. It would be $70-$160 cost of carpet cleaning in the Brisbane area.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Perth, WA

In Western Australia Perth you have to pay around $99 to $200 for a carpet cleaning professionally these will be available for you steam or dry carpet cleaning you can choose as per your need.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Adelaide, SA

Adelaide is the heart of Western Australia and a growing city, if you are searching for carpet cleaning costs in Adelaide it would be $65 to $150.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Hobart, TAS

Hobart is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Tasmania where you will have to pay at least $60 to $170 for carpet cleaning. But the cost can be a bit up and down depending on your House Per Bedroom and area.

Types of carpet cleaning and the prices that I should pay

There are many types of carpet cleaning, now it depends on the issues of your carpet, and most importantly what is your requirement for it. There are the listed carpet cleaning methods that are used by local professionals in Australia are listed below with the prices.

  • Cost Of Carpet Steam Cleaning: $35 to $45 per hour
  • Cost Of Carpet Dry Cleaning: $25 to $40 per hour
  • Cost Of Carpet Stain Removal: $40 to $60 per hour
  • Cost Of Scotchgard Protection: between $30 and $35/per hour.

Is it good to hire a professional or should I go with DIY?

Is it good to hire a professional or should I go with DIY? Or is carpet cleaning worth the money? These are some of the common questions that are most asked by you. I always suggest hiring a professional is the best option. Do you know why?? Because professionals have hands-on training and relevant experience. You can’t handle carpets as professionals do. In many cases, DIY tips and methods are also very effective on some common issues like removal of blood stains and mold from carpets, etc.,

How to get the best carpet cleaning quotes?

Well, for this you will have to do some hard work, before hiring professionals, you should know about that or that company very well with some online R&D. You can check the reviews of that company before hiring what the views of the local people have about the company. You can also compare the company’s prices and get the best carpet cleaning quotes for yourself.

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