10 Reasons Why ServiceTasker™ is Better than Hipages

Hiring professionals with online platforms and marketplaces is a trend in Australia. You may have heard of or used famous platforms like ServiceTasker™, Hipages, Oneflare, and ServiceSeeking.

ServiceTasker™ is the latest platform with many unique features to beat the competition of the marketplaces. You may want to experience the future of hiring installers, repair experts, home improvement experts, and other businesses. Established in June 2023, the company has seen enormous changes and developments. Hipages has been in the market for 18 years still there is a gap to fill. ServiceTasker™ loves to work on new and innovative ideas to deliver unparalleled benefits. The aim is to help the needy find the perfect tradie for their requirements on time. Whether a business or customer, you are confused about choosing Hipages or ServiceTasker™, this comparison can help with your choices.

Check below 10 reasons why ServiceTasker™™ is better than Hipages. With these comparisons and resources, you can make an informed choice.

10 Reasons Why ServiceTasker™ is Better than Hipages

1. Verification and Trustworthiness

New Verification Procedure: You can verify the account with one-time verification.New Verification Procedure: Hipages focuses on building a trusted marketplace by thoroughly vetting the professionals listed on their platform. They conduct stringent background checks and ensure that all tradies hold licenses and qualifications required for their trades.
Network Of Trusted Tradies: With extensive background checks and OTP verification, the platform ensures that only trusted tradies are on the list. Network Of Trusted Tradies: Hipages provides a verified badge for businesses that meet their rigorous standards, further ensuring the reliability of the professionals listed on their site.
Real-Time Communication: Customers and experts can communicate clearly and transparently because ServiceTasker™ facilitates instant messaging which is a reason for trustworthiness. Real-Time Communication: You can communicate through calls and messages.
Verified Reviews: You see only authentic and validated reviews. This gives users reliable information about the effectiveness of each professional.Verified Reviews: Hipages also emphasizes customer feedback, allowing users to leave reviews and ratings after job completion. This review system not only helps maintain high service standards but also assists potential customers in making confident hiring decisions.
Listings: ServiceTasker™ has screened professional profiles to help customers make better decisions. Listings: Find listings of trusted businesses with verification badges and insurance-checked profiles. 

2. Cost-Effective Solution

ServiceTasker™ (No Monthly Fee)

Tradies are not required to pay a monthly subscription cost to utilize ServiceTasker™’s platform. The platform follows a pay-as-you-go system for lead payment. So you pay only for leads that help you generate revenue. Customers can post tasks, get quotations, and connect with pros for free.

Hipages (Monthly Subscription)

Hipages offers a subscription approach that enables professionals to acquire leads. After getting a subscription, you can access leads as much as you want. But if you do not get any leads, for a month, your plan can go in vain. Customers get the free option to connect with professionals.

3. Business Showcase


You can see business profiles with important information like years of experience, ABN, operational hours, service areas, services, ratings, reviews, and images. With additional features like real-time messaging and a free directory, businesses have bigger opportunities. 


Hipages is a well-known platform showcasing business profiles. You can see verification badges, the number of reviews, average ratings, insurance badges, business names, how many times hired, and location.

4. Communication and Collaboration


Offering a smooth platform for users to engage in real-time conversation with service experts, ServiceTasker™ excels in providing communication and cooperation facilities. The online chat system of this platform makes it easier to communicate openly and directly. This enables prompt responses and clarity throughout the project. You can easily communicate with tradies when discussing project details or resolving concerns.


Hipages provide communication capabilities that may irritate users to communicate with service providers. You may have difficulties in communicating with tradesmen through messaging and calling. There is no online chat system on the platform.

5. Task Posting


ServiceTasker™’s simple and intuitive approach makes submitting tasks easier. It is simple for users to generate thorough job listings that specify their exact needs and preferences. This platform allows users to post their tasks easily. Click on the “Get Free Quotes” button and add details. Tasks are immediately available to the network of pre-screened professionals after they are posted. They can then provide competitive estimates based on the information supplied. By using ServiceTasker™, you ensure that you may save time and energy because there will be no difficulty in posting your task. 


Users can post thorough job descriptions and indicate the services they require using Hipages’ task posting system. Hipages also ensure that jobs reach a broad audience of competent tradespeople. Still, it needs to catch up for assurance and convenience.

6. Quoting Process System


ServiceTasker™ is an intuitive solution that streamlines the quotation process. It works by enabling experts to provide competitive estimates in response to job advertisements posted by users. The quotation is given by those professionals who fit your service category and location choice. Customers can get up to 3 FREE Quotes. Users may quickly get all quotations. 


Professionals can submit quotes customized to users’ job advertisements using Hipages’ extensive system. This platform also tries to promote transparency clear quoting process but users may deal with the glitches in getting quotes and estimates. Hipages provides details of the service providers with detailed profiles and quotes. Since there is no limit to the quoting due to the subscription system, many tradies quote but do not act responsibly.

7. Business Charges


You need to pay different fees for leads from distinct categories. Expenses are directly linked to the services provided or leads shared. The pay-as-you-go system saves from paying a big amount at one-time so-called monthly subscription charges. You have the flexibility to pay for leads that you want to access. 


Businesses pay monthly subscription costs. You have to pay once and you can access a given number of leads within your plan. If you cross the limit, you need to buy extra plans to access more leads.

8. Service Categories

You can access 1000+ categories of service providers. To accommodate a variety of home service requirements, ServiceTasker™ provides a broad range of service categories, such as:
You can access 300+ categories of service providers. Hipages offers a broad range of service categories, including:
PaintersBuilding and Construction
BuildersPainting and Cleaning
RemovalistsTermite management
Pest ControllersPool maintenance
Air ConditioningAC services

9. Efficiency and Reliability


ServiceTasker™ guarantees dependability and efficiency by:

  • Building a network of highly regarded experts.
  • Enabling instantaneous communication between service providers and users.
  • A platform, working to make a suitable interface with easy task posting and simple project management tools.
  • Professionals available on this platform are providing many free quotes. 
  • Showing verified reviews to uphold reliability and service quality.


Hipages places a focus on dependability and efficiency by:

  • Tradies with professional badges
  • A platform with limited listings of services.
  • Communication and scheduling of projects.
  • Shows recommendations
  • Limited FREE quotes

10. Business Contract


No business contract with ServiceTasker™. It is a dynamic and automated platform specifically designed to connect tradies with customers. ServiceTasker™ ensures businesses are ABN-checked, building trust with clients. Showcase your business details, credentials, and customer reviews to stand out. ServiceTasker™’s algorithm matches jobs with the most qualified businesses, ensuring relevant and high-quality leads.


When you enter into a business contract with hipages, you gain access to one of Australia’s leading online marketplaces for finding trusted tradies. Hipages provides a robust platform where businesses can list their services, connect with potential clients, and grow their customer base. You can create a detailed business profile showcasing your expertise, reviews, and ratings.

By choosing ServiceTasker™, you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace with advanced features designed to streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Some Reliable Sources Where You Can Check the User’s Views of Both Brands

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Overall Verdict How ServiceTasker™™ is Building a Differentiated Identity in the Australian Marketplace

By capitalizing on its specific advantages and filling any gaps left by rivals such as Hipages, ServiceTasker™ is carving out a distinctive niche for itself in the Australian market. 

Leading USPs of ServiceTasker™

  • No Monthly Charges/ Pay As You Go System
  • Verified Ratings and Reviews
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Large Network

Taking Care of Hipages’s Weak Points

  • In contrast to Hipages, which takes monthly charges from service providers for leads or extra features, ServiceTasker™ offers a pay-as-you-go system. 
  • To address any concerns regarding service quality and conflict, ServiceTasker™ places a strong emphasis on effective dispute resolution procedures and strong customer support. 
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