Carpet Cleaning Canberra Price

How much does carpet cleaning cost in Canberra?

You should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the carpet especially if you have babies or pets living in the home. Whether you want to clean the carpet yourself or hire professional carpet cleaners. But the biggest question that comes before hiring a professional is how much Carpet Cleaning Canberra Price. Well, this depends on various factors that you need to understand below.

Carpet Cleaning Canberra Price

Important factors that affect carpet cleaning prices in Canberra, ACT

Prices do not depend on single factors if you are looking for an affordable carpet cleaning Canberra quote there are many different reasons that may affect the carpet cleaning cost, which you can see below.

  • Number of bedrooms or carpets that you want to clean
  • Types and the condition of your carpets
  • Your location or the suburbs you are living in
  • What size is your carpet in m2?
  • How quickly do you need the work completed
  • Whether a weekend or weekday is best for the cleaning
  • Any additional (like hallways, lounges, car seats, rugs, furniture)
  • How challenging or simple the task is to access and accomplish

Average prices paid by the homeowners: Carpet cleaning Canberra price data 2023

Check out the average prices that homeowners in Canberra have paid so far for general carpet cleaning to standard carpet cleaning.

Steam Carpet CleaningUnfurnishedFurnished
Bedroom per house$30 to $35 (size up to 14m2)$35 (size up to 14m2)
Living Room and Lounge$60 – $70$50 – $65
Carpet Protection (per m2)$4 to $5 per m2$4 to $5 per m2
Hallway$15 – $20$20 – $25
Landing Stairs$3 per stair$3 per stair
Industrial and OfficesCost/Prices
Up to 100m2$2.00 per m2
101m2 to 200m2$1.80 per m2
201m2 to 300m2$1.60 per m2

Other Carpet Cleaning Deals and Offers in 2023

You can check below the deals for carpet cleaning in Canberra offered by the best carpet cleaners in Canberra professionals and companies. You can also check carpet cleaning Canberra reviews before hiring them to ensure the best quality service.

End of lease carpet cleaning Canberra – $200 Minimum*

Canberra carpet steam cleaning Price – From $120 to $250

Rug cleaning cost in Canberra & suburbs –  $70 To $135 ($1.64 to $7.12 per square foot)*

Conclusion: Carpet Cleaning Canberra Price

Dirty carpets are neither good for your home nor for the health of you and your family. Especially children and your beloved pets, they play with dirty carpets with great pleasure and invite trouble. So now the question comes how to deal with this situation.

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way if you have a budget then you should not worry much about professional carpet cleaning costs as there are many local cleaning companies that are offering cheap carpet cleaning Canberra deals and discounts. So you can take advantage of this and book carpet cleaning for your home.

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