Who We Are?

Answer My Queries is the most popular and leading publisher of online DIY Home Improvements, Health, and Lifestyle blogs. With the help of our hardworking and supportive team, we bring you the world’s best and selected tips that actually work for you. We inspire you to address the minor problems that you face in everyday life, related to home improvement, and how to address them yourself. We regularly monitor and take care of your online queries no matter which platform you use and study it with experts. We bring you the best solutions, which you can fix by doing it yourself. So if you have any questions related to our categories then ask now and get solutions like a pro.

Man Behind Answer My Queries

Jimmy Edwin

Jimmy Edwin is the person who conceived it and created an online platform for you with the strength of his hard work where you can solve your problems that are absolutely free. Jimmy Edwin was born in the small town of Victoria, Australia, and has been known as a problem solver since childhood, he used to solve many issues by himself.

He believed that why to spend money on the things that we fix by ourselves. as you also face small problems in your daily life. He started helping himself and the neighbors around him with advice and tips, then he thought that all the people in this entire world who are looking for daily DIY Tips and Solutions should get the benefit of this.

Jimmy Edwin learned all from his father he considers him as his best teacher. At that time, there was no direct access of professionals like plumbers, electricians, and other handymen to small towns, so Jim’s father used to fix the thing himself, and from this Jim’s journey started.


We Have A Mission Just For You

We are among you with one mission to give free-of-cost and accurate solutions for all your problems related to home improvement. We always bring you blogs and content on trendy DIY Home Improvement, Health, and Lifestyle topics that are very useful for you. So read and follow our DIY tips and say goodbye to your common problems.
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