Pest Control OSRS

Where is Pest Control OSRS? The Complete Guide For You

Pest Control OSRS is a communal and combat-based activity. In this, players must protect themselves from the Void Knight from the attacking monsters. As well as damaging the portals from where the monsters are coming. This pest control activity is played in the world to maintain the balance that may be disturbed by the onslaught of monsters overpowering and located in the Southern Islands.

This pest control management game is called the Void Knights. Moreover, players use landers that help them transport to islands under attack. Moreover, the activity is divided into three mainlanders, and access to every lander is decided by the combat level.

In this article on Answer My Queries, you will learn “what and where is pest control OSRS?” It is a safe gaming activity allowing dead players to take their items and respawn on the landers & can rejoin the combat instantly. In addition, Prayer points, Hitpoints, run energy and special attack are completely restored at the end of every game. 

Where is Pest Control OSRS

Where is Pest Control OSRS Main Requirements?

Key Skills Required For Pest Control OSRS

To participate in a pest control OSRS game you must have a combat level of about 40 and above. 

  • A minimum of 40 combat levels is needed to use the no-voice lander. 
  • To make use of a veteran lander, you must have 100 or more combat levels. 
  • To make use of an instant lander, you must have 70 or more combat levels. 

Quests Needed: 

None: No Quests Needed For Pest Control OSRS

Items Suggested: Pest Control OSRS

To know where is Pest Control OSRS, you need to have certain items. For melee weapons and a few decent armors, for mages few runes & for rangers some arrows and a bow. When you are dead/killed you need food to respawn. A hammer and an ax are also preferred to fix barricades and gates. You cannot take Cannons to the island. 

Starting Point:

This is a mini-game at the Void Knight’s outpost. To reach there, talk to a squire situated on the southern dock of Port Sarim.

Pest control points per hour?

Well, it depends on the level you will get for [Novice – 90. Intermediate – 120. Veteran – 150].

Is This Game Safe To Play? 

Yes, of course. This game is very safe to play for all ages, Pest Control is a combat-based cooperative activity for members only. The action is divided into three landers, with combat levels determining access to each. It’s a ‘risk-free’ activity. Players that die keep their gear and revive on the lander, where they can instantly continue combat.

How To Start The Game?

To know where is Pest Control OSRS, you need to start the game. When you are standing on the island, go toward the south. You will reach the fork of docks and can go on the full docks but you cannot use all boats. 

  1. From the 2nd fork, move right & follow the dock to reach the Veteran boat. To enter this boat, combat of level 100 or more is a must. 
  2. From the point you began at the fork, in case you go west then you will reach another fork. Then take your left side, this is a middle dock that requires a combat level of 70 and higher to use this boat. 
  3. If you walk straight from the starting point, you will reach a no-voice dock that you need to be at 40 or more combat level to use this boat. 

When you come to the city, go south & cross the gangplank, you will then be in the waiting area of the landing boat. You will leave after five minutes, after the previous departure, or at the time when there are 25 people with you on the boat. 

What’s The Point Of The Game?

The main point of this game is to damage all the gateways before the Void Knight is killed in the middle. It may seem easy but there are so many monsters attacking the island, striving to destroy the Void Knight. 

Monster and Their Combat Levels 

  • Brawler

These monsters can appear a little intimidating, but they are not difficult to kill. They take up more than one space making them hard to move around. Brawlers attack with melee & cannot be walked by. 

Combat Levels: 50, 75, 101, 128, 157 

  • Defiler

These are easy to kill and do not take up much space. They are moreover range-based monsters. 

Combat Levels: 33, 50, 67,84, 100

  • Ravager

These monsters inflict much damage to the gates when you search for where is pest control OSRS, but they are not stronger than players. You can consider these as other melee-like monsters. 

Combat Levels: 33, 52, 70, 88, 105

  • Shifter

These are some of the most difficult ones as they can easily teleport a little distance & reach the Void Knight. When you go searching for where is pest control OSRS, you may encounter Shifters attacking with melees. 

Combat Levels: 37, 56, 75, 94, 113

  • Spinner

These are the most irritating ones as they cure the portals. Just attack them as soon as you can and do not stop! You may get counterattacks from them, but they are really easier to kill. They will blast & position the nearing places if the portal is nearby. 

Combat Levels: 37, 55, 74, 87, 92

  • Spatter

They look very silly but as soon as you kill them, they will burst up to 24 damage. It is suggested to leave them until you are on a suicide run heading to your gates. After death Splatters will harm surrounding monsters & players as retribution. 

Combat Levels: 21, 43, 54, 64

  • Torcher

They can attack you and the Void Knight from the gates from a very long distance. To know where is Pest Control OSRS, you will face certain Torcher attacks. Moreover, these are monsters with magic. 

Combat Levels: 33, 50, 67, 83, 100

Pest Control OSRS Rewards

Winning players are awarded commendation points and coins. 

As per the player’s selected difficulty level, they will get a different number of coins after winning a game. 

  • No-voice Lander: 3 points/game won
  • Intermediate Lander: 4 points/game won
  • Veteran Lander: 5 points/game won 

In case the player’s team damages all of the existing portals, they will get coins equal to 10 multipliers of their combat level along with the commendation points. We hope you find the above-mentioned gaming activity interesting. If you are looking for a Cheap Pest Control Service in Melbourne, we can be a great help to you! When it comes to pest control services in Melbourne, our company is among those that offer an exceptional level of services and customer care – regardless of the time of day!

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